Set of 10 cards
A painting of a living room interior with bright yellow walls
A painting of a studio interior with a blank canvas on an easel and red stool with yellow jug before it
A line drawing of a landscape with yellow wash in top left corner
An abstract painting with yellow, red and green background with small blue and green circles scattered across
A drawing of fine concentric lines with blue-green background
A painting with a sea of undulating widely spaced lines on cream background and pink sky
An abstract painting in light blue with curved and diagonal lines
a painting of a mountain with rocks in the foreground
A painting of green orange and yellow vertical brushstrokes representing trees
A painting with turquoise background and straight brushstrokes of many colours in different directions

Set of 10 cards

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A new selection of 10 notecards featuring artworks by Barns-Graham including Edinburgh Interior, 1937, Glacier Knot, 1979 and Conversation, 2001.

Cards are 13 x 18 cm each and supplied with brown Kraft envelopes. 

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