A book cover with detail of a blue abstract painting with title top centre
Double book page with two images of artwork with text. On the left is a painting of some stone building and to the right of the text is a drawing of some buildlings on grey paper.
Double book page with images of two abstract paintings with vertical shapes in many colours.

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham: A survey of important works 1945-1995, with In Perspective: the late paintings

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When Wilhelmina Barns-Graham died in January 2004, she was 91 years old, and was hard at work on an exhibition of new paintings for Art First. The show did indeed take place that April. It celebrated her life-long commitment to art, and brought to a close the happy and stimulating final decade of her life as a painter, exhibiting in London with Art First. This exhibition took place nearly 10 years later, from 26 March to 17 May 2014, tracing some of the earlier roots that led to the ‘celebration’.

Essays by Geoffrey Bertram.

Hardcover | Dimensions: 256x 222mm | 48 pages | Illustrations: 29 colour and 1 black & white.

Published by Art First, London 2014